Are Basset Hound From France?

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Are Basset Hound From France?

Basset Hounds were originally bred in France and Belgium ("basset" is French for "low").

Where did the Basset Hound originally come from?

The modern Basset Hound is a descendant of a French dog bred in England in the late 1800s.

When was the Basset first bred?

Background The modern Basset Hound originated with St. Hubert of Belgium, who bred the dog at the Benedictine Abbey in 1000 AD. Known at the time as the St. Hubert Hound, it was eventually named "Basset", which means "low" in French. Of the St. How much is a

European Basset Hound?

How much does a Basset Hound puppy cost? The price of a Basset puppy from a reputable breeder averages between $600 and $1,200.Champion pedigrees can exceed $2,000, but this is due to previous competitions won by the parents of that puppy.

What's wrong with Basset Hounds?

Chronic health problems. Due to their deformed body shape and long ears, Basset Hounds are plagued with bone and joint problems, ear problems, and skin ailments due to their narrow ear canals and loose skin. Click here to learn more about Basset Hound health.

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