Are Blue Heelers Dangerous?

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Are Blue Heelers Dangerous?

According to recorded statistics, the Blue Heeler has had 20 attacks that resulted in physical harm, but has never killed anyone. Even though they are small in size, they are highly aggressive, which is what makes the Blue Heeler such a dangerous dog. It has sharp teeth, but because of its small size, it cannot inflict fatal damage on humans. The Blue Heeler has the worst reputation of any dog breed when it comes to biting people. Blue Heelers are especially notorious for letting anyone into their home, but not letting them out. They are true to the name "Healer" and will strike at a person's heels. Answered by Modesta O'Hara on Sun, Mar 21, 2021 8:10 AM

Can a Blue Healer be aggressive?

Bred to fearlessly chase cattle, Blue Healers will take on the role of herd leader if there is not a strong leader in the herd. If this tendency is not controlled, they can become dominant and aggressive towards other dogs and humans.

Is the Blue Heeler a suitable family dog?

Australian Cattle Dog A family dog and an intelligent companion. The Australian Cattle Dog, also known as the Blue Heeler, is a highly alert and vivacious pup with a keen intellect and fierce loyalty. These loyal friends are not considered aggressive and would be a great addition to any home with children.

Is the Red Heeler more aggressive than the Blue Heeler?

Red one so always have been around are pretty aggressive also. There is no difference between the two, only the color. A Blue male and a Blue female will have a 50/50 split of Blue and Red. Healers are bred to haul livestock and usually run long distances.

Is the Blue Heeler a bad dog?

Blue Healers are friendly dogs and make great pets if well trained and socialized, but they do tend to be a bit reserved with strangers.Once these dogs form a bond, it will last a lifetime. Being physically separated from their owners is a punishment for Blue Heelers.

Is there such a breed of Blue Heeler? Aggressive Blue Healers?

With treatment, medication, and a little time, aggressive displays may soon be a thing of the past. Blue Heeler is not a barking dog most of the time and can be quietly aggressive at times. The biggest unwanted aggressive behavior of Blue Healers is the biting they are known for.

Why does my Blue Heeler bite other dogs?

With other animals. The desire for a strong leader can be the catalyst for a Blue Heeler to dominate another dog. You may have a dog in your home that has a more passive nature. This can manifest itself in growling, biting, or pushing a submissive dog into a corner. Also, even during normal play with other dogs, the heeler may appear aggressive and the same amount of...

Would a Blue Heeler make a good guard dog?

Once trained, the Blue Heeler will make an excellent guard dog, bravely protecting you in dangerous situations. Because it needs a strong leader, the Blue Heeler can sometimes dominate other dogs in your home. It has a more passive nature.

What kind of owner does a Blue Heeler need?

Therefore, Blue Healers are best with owners who are active and can give them daily tasks. They love to work for their owners and please them, so it's no wonder they are still kept as working dogs today. The Blue Heeler is well suited for agility, tricks and obedience as well as herding.

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