How Do You Introduce A Puppy To A Groomer?

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How Do You Introduce A Puppy To A Groomer?

On the big day, when the puppy first comes in for grooming, the groomer should first slowly introduce himself to the puppy. The groomer should gain the puppy's trust so that the puppy can consider grooming to be fun.

When do you start grooming your puppy?

If you start grooming early, your puppy will be ready for serious grooming by 16 weeks of age, when puppy vaccinations are completed. Associate grooming with fun.

How do I introduce my adult dog to my puppy?

Allow the adult dog to meet the puppy on his own terms.If the dogs are interacting well with each other, walk them both side by side. Have the puppy and dog take turns walking in front of each other. Have the adult dog to walk in front of the puppy.

Can the puppy be groomed at home?

Much of the puppy grooming can be done at home, in an environment that the puppy is already familiar with. A puppy that is familiar with the grooming process will be much easier to work with than one that has never been groomed before. They like to have their paws touched. For puppies, dog grooming salons can be scary places.

Do you give your puppy treats at the grooming salon?

Give your puppy treats at each stage. When they are relaxed in the car, it's treat time. When you arrive at the grooming salon, it's time for treats. This is so that your puppy will have a positive attitude about grooming. This may seem like overkill, but if going to the groomer becomes a friendly relationship between you and your dog, you'll thank yourself later.

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