A Good Family Dog That Doesn't Shed?

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A Good Family Dog That Doesn't Shed?

10 Best Family Dogs Labrador Retriever The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in America, and for good reason. This dog breed is... Bulldog The distinctive and wrinkly bulldog makes a great companion for children. This loyal dog is the most... Golden RetrieverThe Golden Retriever came to prominence because it was originally a medium-sized... .CollieMore ...

Which is the best dog breed for your family?

We've compiled a list of 10 of the best dog breeds for families. For Families and Kids While many breeds make great family dogs, some breeds are better suited for suburban and farm families than urban ones. Family dogs such as Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Beagles, and Irish Setters are playful and protective.

Which is the best low maintenance family dog?

Low Maintenance - Medium Dog Breeds 1 American Eskimo.Intelligent, loving, and excited about life, the American Eskimo is the perfect family dog. ... 2 Basset Hound. You can't resist the loveliness of their eyes and ears. ... 3 Beagle. All the greatness of a dog is packed into this little adorable package. ... 4 Cocker Spaniel... ...

Which dog is best suited to be left home alone?

Like cats, they don't like to be cuddled and are uncomfortable with strangers. Chow Chows can get along with their own family, but they are not the best breed to have around small children. They are suspicious of strangers, which makes them ideal guard dogs. They are quiet and independent, so they are not a problem to be around. Being able to stay home alone

What kind of dog is best for a busy person?

The best dog breeds for busy or lazy people tend to have moderate to low energy levels, average intelligence, and overall good health.Certain breeds tend to be ideal for a more sedentary lifestyle, such as middle-aged or senior dogs, but older dogs may eventually need medical care.

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