A Pack Of Dogs Meaning In Marathi?

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A Pack Of Dogs Meaning In Marathi?

What is the meaning of a pack of dogs?

a pack of dogs: a group of dogs (usually a group that hunts together)

What are the synonyms of dog in Marathi?

Definition of dig in Marathi: एक पाळीव प्राणी

What is the meaning of dig in Marathi?

dig ⇄ v.i. 1. to make a hole or turn over the ground with a machine, shovel, spade, hand, nail, or nose. ... dig ⇄ v.t. 1. to break or turn over (the ground) using a spade or other tool or machine.

What English word is derived from the word Canis, meaning dog?

The Latin word canicula, meaning "little dog," is a contraction of canis, the root of the English word canine.

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