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Alpine Mastiff | About | What's This?

How big is the Alpine Mastiff?

It is believed that the largest individuals reached over 1m in height at the shoulder and weighed over 160kg, surpassing the size of modern St. Bernards and English Mastiffs.

What are Mastiffs known for?

Gentle, sensitive, and confident, the Mastiff is a huge, powerful dog with a long history. These excellent working group guard dogs make great foot warmers and couch potato companions. Here are 9 interesting facts about this friendly and brave breed.

What is the strongest Mastiff breed?

1. Tibetan Mastiff. One of the oldest breeds in the world and one of the strongest, the Tibetan Mastiff was used to defend homes in the Himalayan region. They have a powerful build and their bite force can reach a staggering 550 pounds.

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