Are Australian Kelpies Good Family Dogs?

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Are Australian Kelpies Good Family Dogs?

Quick and agile, the Kelpie is the perfect dog for families who like to exercise. ... Kelpies are loyal, devoted, and loving dogs who are loyal to their families. To be happy, they need a large space with a yard where they can play. petful.comИзображение:petful.comThe Australian Kelpie makes a great family dog if given enough socialization and proper training early on. They are loyal dogs and are very affectionate. They are also great watchdogs, as they are alert to the mere sight of their owner's face.

Is the Australian Kelpie suitable for a family dog?

The working Kelpie is affectionate and is a great addition to the family. The Kelpie is very intelligent and is very easy to train. Kelpies can't be left alone for long periods of time and need regular training and exercise to keep them healthy.

Would a Kelpie make a good family pet?

If you want a medium sized dog with the physique of an athlete. If you like to work, like to exercise, and can learn almost anything if trained well, then the Australian Kelpie may be the right dog for you. This breed is suitable for families and singles who want to make a dog part of their lifestyle.

Can the Kelpie be aggressive?

Australian Kelpies are not aggressive, but they will not hesitate to defend their family, animals or property and often have no regard for their own safety.

Is the Kelpie a smelly dog?

The Australian Kelpie is a hypoallergenic dog. They generally do not have a strong doggy smell and usually only need to be bathed twice a year, unless you are tending to livestock. Their coats should be brushed at least once a week to remove dirt and loose hair.

What kind of dog is the Australian Kelpie?

The Kelpie is an Australian sheepdog that also serves as a family dog.Originally, the Kelpie was a breed that was bred to keep livestock such as cattle, sheep, oxen, and goats. What breeds comprise What is an Australian Kelpie?

What kind of work can the Australian Kelpie do?

The Kelpie is sporty and can work as a sniffer dog or rescue dog due to its excellent vision and tracking abilities. This is a complete pet guide to the Australian Kelpie, where you will learn everything you need to know about this breed.

Can I have an Australian Kelpie as a pet?

The Australian Kelpie was never intended to be just a household pet. Their working behaviour is not appropriate in a normal home environment. Trying to control these "natural" behaviors is difficult and impossible without providing an alternative to their high energy levels.

Are there no Kelpies in the US?

For a short-haired dog, the Australian Kelpie sheds more hair than you might think. Finding a Kelpie If you live in Australia, a working Kelpie is a common sight. In the United States, however, this breed is harder to find.

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