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Can I eat potatoes every day and lose weight?

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Do Potatoes Hinder Weight Loss? If you generally follow a healthy diet and stay away from excessive consumption of junk foods, consuming potatoes may not lead to weight gain. In fact, potatoes- both white and sweet potatoes- may help you in weight loss because they have a rich nutritional profile.

How many potatoes should I eat a day to lose weight?

Rule 1. Eat only plain, cooked potatoes for three to five days. Rule 2. As a general rule, eat 2–5 pounds (0.9–2.3 kg) of potatoes each day.

What happens if you eat potatoes everyday?

Eating one medium-size potato a day can be part of a healthy diet and doesn't increase cardiometabolic risk — the chances of having diabetes, heart disease or stroke — as long as the potato is steamed or baked, and prepared without adding too much salt or saturated fat, a study by nutritionists at The Pennsylvania ...

Can I eat potatoes every day and lose weight?

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