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Does histoplasmosis stay in your system?

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In people who have weakened immune systems, histoplasmosis can remain hidden in the body for months or years and then cause symptoms later (also called a relapse of infection).

How long does histoplasmosis stay in your system?

For most people, the symptoms of histoplasmosis will go away within a few weeks to a month. However, some people have symptoms that last longer than this, especially if the infection becomes severe.

Does histoplasmosis come back?

If you've had histoplasmosis, you can get it again. However, if you do get it again, the illness will likely be milder the second time.

Does histoplasmosis leave scars in lungs?

Some people get better without treatment. An active infection will usually go away with antifungal medicine. But, the infection may leave scarring inside the lung. The death rate is higher for people with untreated disseminated histoplasmosis who have a weakened immune system.

Can you get rid of histoplasmosis?

For some people, the symptoms of histoplasmosis will go away without treatment. However, prescription antifungal medication is needed to treat severe histoplasmosis in the lungs, chronic histoplasmosis, and infections that have spread from the lungs to other parts of the body (disseminated histoplasmosis).

Does histoplasmosis stay in your system?

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