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How do reptiles affect humans?

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Reptiles have been hunted and traded by humans throughout history, particularly as food. Still today, reptiles can provide an important protein source for many people, or may be sold as a luxury food. Some reptiles are even used in traditional medicines.

How do lizards benefit humans?

In fact, they help us because they eat pests Most lizards eat insects, so they can help rid your home and garden of harmful critters.

What are 3 ways reptiles help an ecosystem?

Their importance to humans is less pronounced but still significant.Insect and Rodent Control. Reptiles impose an important check on insect and rodent populations. ... Fish Control. ... Carrion Control. ... Prey. ... Human Interactions.Importance of Reptiles in the Ecosystem - Sciencing

How are reptiles related to humans?

Scientists have found the link between mammal hair, bird feathers, and reptile scales, which they say resolves the decades-long scientific debate as to how these skin coverings evolved.

Why do humans fear reptiles?

Why? It's possible that it's hardwired, an evolutionary advantage given to those who avoided dangerous animals. On the other hand, some studies have suggested the fear is learned from our parents. Regardless, snakes play an important role in the ecosystem, and they have a lot to offer us humans.

How do reptiles affect humans?

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