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How do you plan a puppy playdate?

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Here's how to make sure your next puppy play date is a purely positive party. Know What Your Dog Digs. . Choose Players Wisely. . Pick a Neutral Location. . Set Expectations. . Let the Pups Set the Pace. . Focus on the Dogs. . Understand Body Language. . Encourage Hydration Breaks.

How do you set up puppy play dates?

Tips for a Successful Puppy Playdate1Choose playmates wisely. Before picking up the phone to call a fellow puppy owner, make sure you've got a good understanding of your dog's habits, likes, and dislikes. ... 2Focus on the dogs. ... 3Location, location, location. ... 4Be careful with toys. ... 5Take breaks.Setting Up A Puppy Playdate: Tips & Advice for Puppy Socialization

When can puppies have a playdate?

Puppy play sessions are open to healthy puppies ages 9 weeks and up. All puppies must have received their first set of puppy shots and a de-worming a minimum of 7 days prior to attending and are required to keep their puppy boosters up to date and current.

What do you do on doggy play date?

Before it's time for the pups to play, it's a good idea to plan some fun games to make their time together as engaging as possible!Water games (think sprinklers or baby pool with toys)Fetch.Race.Scavenger Hunt.Agility course.Frisbee.Red Light, Green Light (for well-trained dogs)How to Plan an Epic Doggy Playdate | Redbarn.com

What is a puppy playdate?

Playdates Are A More Relaxed Way To Socialize Your Puppy You and your pup can both enjoy frequently scheduled visits. Your doggy daycare may be a good resource for finding a compatible puppy playmate. Otherwise, try scouting your neighborhood for potential playmates/owners or while walking your dog at the local park.

How do you plan a puppy playdate?

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