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How do you take care of a 10 week old puppy?

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They may still be sleeping 18-20 hours a day at this age. Start to train your puppy to get into a regular pattern of sleep, such as after meals and between playtimes. This will help to get them into a good bedtime routine. Get them used to going to sleep in their bed or crate during the day, as well as a night.

What should a 10 week old puppy be doing?

A 10-week-old-puppy is learning as much as he can about his surroundings. They are eager to discover the world and will want to explore with their senses of sight, hearing, smelling and tasting. Provide a safe environment for your puppy to discover.

Where should a 10 week old puppy sleep?

Tips for Helping Puppy Get Daytime Sleep But be sure to keep an eye on him because when he wakes up, he'll need to be taken outside. Show your puppy where to sleep. If he seems drowsy, encourage him to nap in his safe place: a crate, a dog bed, or a quiet place in the house where he can nap undisturbed.

How long can a 10 week puppy hold it at night?

10-12 weeks: Bladder capacity is increasing, but 2 hours is still the longest that most puppies can hold it at this stage. 3-6 months: At this point, consider the one hour per month rule. Three-month-old puppies can wait for three hours, four-month-old puppies for four hours, and so on.

What can I teach my 10 week old puppy?

8-10 Weeks Old Your puppy should see their crate as a safe and calm place. Start by bringing them to their crate for 10- minute intervals while they are nice and calm. Reward them for going in their crate. You can even feed them in their crate to create a positive environment.

How do you take care of a 10 week old puppy?

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