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What is the most low maintenance dog?

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Best Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds Basset Hound. You'll recognize a Basset Hound when you see one, those ears stand out. . Boston Terrier. Boston Terriers are friendly, happy dogs that make great city pets. . Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The eyes of the Cavalier say it all. . Chihuahua. . Dachshund. . French Bulldog. . Havanese. . Maltese.

What is the easiest dog to care for?

10 Easy-Maintenance Dog Breeds#1: Basenji. This wonderful breed has no “doggy smell,” so combined with his short coat and small size, he goes right to the top of the list. ... #2: Vizsla. ... #3: Whippet. ... #4: Boston Terrier. ... #5: Doberman Pinscher. ... #6: Toy Manchester and Manchester Terrier. ... #7: Pointer. ... #8: German Shorthaired Pointer.10 Easy-Maintenance Dog Breeds - Nylabone

What dogs require the least maintenance?

Which of the Dog Breeds are of 'Low Maintenance'? Beagle. A big-time favorite among dog owners, Beagles are gentle, loving and a happy-go-lucky dog breed. ... Chihuahua. ... Pug. ... Labrador Retriever. ... Boxer. ... Dachshund. ... Shih Tzu. ... Grey Hound.Top 10 'Low Maintenance' Dog Breeds - Pet Blog - PetsWorld

What kind of dog is good for a lazy person?

We've complied a list of the top 10 lazy dog breeds that make the perfect companion for your apartment lifestyle.Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Photo: I Love My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. ... English Bulldog. Photo: The English Bulldog. ... Miniature Pinscher. ... Italian Greyhound. ... Pug. ... Basset Hound. ... Boston Terrier. ... Chow Chow.10 Lazy Dog Breeds Perfect For Apartment Living | Point Ruston

What is the most low maintenance dog?

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What kind of dog is good for a lazy person?

What dog breeds do not need a lot of exercise?

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