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What should I know about owning a Saluki?

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Salukis are quiet at home, extremely gentle with children, and good with other dogs. They make adequate watchdogs, but miserable protection dogs. Salukis must get a chance to run, and run hard, every day. Given this chance, they are moderately obedient, as long as they happen to want the same thing you want. New Saluki owners need to know about the growth of their Salukis. This will help them plan their living spaces accordingly. Also, knowing the typical growth pattern of the Saluki will help new owners catch the abnormal growth of their Saluki early. Salukis are not the best choice for first time dog owners because they need to be handled and trained by people who are familiar with the needs of an extremely quick-witted and sensitive hound.They are not always easy to train and require a lot of patience and understanding. They may not compete in obedience competitions very often but they can make a great family companion with proper training. The Saluki, is an ancient sight hound breed, they are primarily used in hunting fast game animals.Salukis are quiet at home, extremely gentle with children, and good with other dogs. They make adequate watchdogs, but miserable protection dogs. Salukis must get a chance to run, and run hard, every day.

Do Salukis make good pets?

Salukis can make excellent companions for older children, but they aren't recommended for homes with young children. They're tolerant, but young Salukis can be too active for children younger than 8 years of age, and their thin skin and knobby bones make them vulnerable to injury if children aren't careful.

Are Salukis high maintenance?

Generally speaking, these dogs are NOT considered high maintenance. When it comes to weather conditions, Salukis do fine in hotter climates since they were bred to hunt in Egypt. They're not very good with the cold, though, because of their thin skin.

How long should you walk a Saluki?

Exercise requirements: Salukis need over 2 hours of exercise daily. Salukis do have a strong chase instinct, so be aware of this if they are around other pets at home and when out and about.

Are Salukis cuddly?

The right Owner for a Saluki should know that this pupper isn't enthusiastically cuddly. And they won't be immediately engaged in the training process. Their distractibility and aloofness can be off putting to some potential Owners.

Are Salukis good first time owners?

Salukis form a very strong bond with one person in a household which is typically the person who takes care of them although they are always affectionate and friendly towards everyone in the home. Are they a good choice for first time owners?

Are Salukis easy to train?

Begin your Saluki’s training when they’re young, or as soon as you bring them home. Use positive reinforcement at all times; Salukis are particularly sensitive breeds so, although you should never raise your voice when training any dog, this is perhaps more important for breeds such as Salukis.

How much does it cost to keep a Saluki?

As a rough guide the average cost to keep and care for a Saluki would be between £70 to £100 a month depending on the level of insurance cover you opt to buy for your dog but this does not include the initial cost of buying a responsibly bred healthy Kennel Club registered pedigree Saluki puppy.

Are Salukis good dogs?

Salukis are among one of the more popular breeds both in the UK and elsewhere in the world which means that well-bred puppies command a lot of money. As such with Salukis there is specific advice questions and protocols to follow when buying a puppy which are as follows:

What should I know about owning a Saluki?

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