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What to do the first day with a new puppy?

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Introducing Puppy to a New Home Limit your puppy's access. . Choose a potty spot. . Introduce him to his new family. . Minimize stress and excitement. . Introduce other family pets. . Don't interact with dogs outside your home. . Start enforcing rules. . Make a veterinary appointment.

Where should a puppy sleep the first night?

Puppy's First Night At HomeYour puppy's sleeping quarters should be in a small crate. ... Keep the crate in a draft free area next to your bed. ... Under no circumstances take the puppy to bed with you. ... Give the puppy a stuffed dog toy to snuggle with.Puppy's First Night At Home

How do you survive the first 24 hours with a new puppy?

How to Survive the First 24 Hours with Your New Puppy1Let Them Explore (While Supervised) Once you're inside, let your puppy explore his new home. ... 2Keep It Low Key. ... 3Start Using Your Dog's Name Right Away. ... 4Play, Play, Play. ... 5Start Crate Training Right Away.How to Survive the First 24 Hours with Your New Puppy - Proud Dog Mom

What should I do the first week with a new puppy?

8 Puppy Tips for the First Week1Get Your Supplies Before You Bring Your Puppy Home. Pick up all your supplies before your puppy comes home. ... 2Puppy Proof Your Home. ... 3Socialize Your Puppy Right Away. ... 4Start House Training in the First Week. ... 5Reward Good Behavior. ... 6Start "Play Training" ... 7Stay Together at Bed Time.8 Puppy Tips for the First Week - K&H Pet Products

What should a puppy do in the first 24 hours?

Keep visitors to a minimum while your pup has peace and quiet for napping and exploring their new digs. Encourage younger children to lay low for a day or two and give the dog some privacy to prevent the dog from getting overwhelmed, and keep other pets away from your new pup until they're more acclimated.

What to do the first day with a new puppy?

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