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  • Who does SIU football play next?

Who does SIU football play next?

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The official 2021 Football schedule for the Southern Illinois University Salukis. . Box Score · Recap · Game Notes (PDF) · Gamebook .

What time is the SIU football game tomorrow?

2021 Southern Illinois Football ScheduleDateOpponentTime/TVSaturday Sep. 18Dayton Flyers Saluki Stadium, Carbondale, IL7:00pm ETESPN+Saturday Sep. 25Illinois State Redbirds Saluki Stadium, Carbondale, IL3:00pm ETESPN+Saturday Oct. 2at Western Illinois Leathernecks Hanson Field, Macomb, IL4:00pm ETESPN+

What time does Villanova football play today?

2021 Villanova Football ScheduleDateOpponentTime/TVSaturday Sep. 11Bucknell Bison Villanova Stadium, Villanova, PA6:00pm ETFloFootballSaturday Sep. 18Richmond Spiders Villanova Stadium, Villanova, PA3:30pm ETFloFootballSaturday Sep. 25at Penn State Nittany Lions Beaver Stadium, University Park, PA12:00pm ETBTN

What is SIU football ranked?

2021 Southern Illinois Salukis footballConferenceMissouri Valley Football ConferenceRankingSTATSNo. 16FCS CoachesNo. 17

What channel is Southern Illinois football on?

2022 Southern Illinois Salukis Schedule | ESPN.

Who does SIU football play next?

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