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Why can't monkeys eat bananas?

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"Giving this fruit to animals is equivalent to giving them cake and chocolate. "Compared to the food they would eat in the wild, bananas are much more energy-dense - they have lots of calories - and contain much more sugar that's bad for their teeth and can lead to diabetes and similar conditions." 15 янв. 2014 г.

What happens if a monkey eats a banana?

Bananas Are Like Candy for Monkeys Wild bananas contain a lot of hard seeds and little fruit one could actually eat. Unfortunately, bananas from the local Trader Joe's are just too sweet for primates. Some zoos have even banned feeding monkeys bananas because they can cause damage to their teeth and lead to diabetes.

Why do monkeys not eat bananas?

The zoo says the high calorie and sugar content of bananas grown for human consumption – which are sweeter than those found in the wild – are bad for the monkeys' health and can rot their teeth.

Can monkeys eat bananas?

Monkeys do enjoy bananas. A study from 1936 even offered monkeys fruits, vegetables, nuts, and bread to see what they would choose to eat more of. Bananas ranked right behind grapes; nuts and bread were last. "Of course monkeys and apes are not stupid and relish eating them once they are exposed to them," Milton said.

Why are monkeys addicted to bananas?

It's probably because bananas tend to grow in the hot, tropical areas where monkeys usually live. They're a convenient source of food that happens to taste great and provide a lot of nutrients in a small package. If you're an active kid, a banana can give you a quick dose of natural energy to keep your body going.

Why can't monkeys eat bananas?

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