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Why did they cross breed malamute dogs?

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Why was the Alaskan Malamute breed?

Malamutes were bred to survive in harsh cold weather and extreme conditions. They were brought up to be working and hunting dogs, which could hunt down polar bears, owing to their own huge size. The breed was primarily used to pull sleds and so they require their share of running and exercise.

What is a Malamute a mix of?

The Malamute Husky mix is the combination of the large dog breeds, Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky. This crossbreed, sometimes called as Alusky or Alaskan Husky, prefers a cool environment. The Husky Malamutes have a strong sense of pack instinct and peacefulness.

How much is an Alusky puppy worth?

The average price of an Alusky puppy is typically around $1000 and up. Because this designer dog is typically a little rarer, it can get even more expensive than this.

How do I know if my Husky is mixed with a Malamute?

The malamute is heavier than the husky. This is an easy way to identify the two species since there is a huge difference in weight. The Alaskan Malamute usually weighs 65–85 pounds (29–39 kg). The Siberian husky, which is lighter than the malamute, usually weighs 35–60 pounds (16–27 kg).

Why did they cross breed malamute dogs?

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Why was the Alaskan Malamute breed?

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