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Why is SIU the Salukis?

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The Southern Illinois Salukis are the varsity athletic teams representing Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The nickname comes from the Saluki, the Royal Dog of Egypt and the Persian greyhound, which ties into the fact that southern Illinois has had the nickname "Little Egypt" for just under 200 years.

What is SIU's mascot?

SalukisWhat is a Saluki? A Saluki is "an Egyptian-bred dog which is the oldest of all domesticated dogs," reported the Southern Illinoisan after the dog was proposed as the university's mascot in 1951. "The salukis are carved on Egyptian tombs of 4,000 years ago and mummified bodies have been found in graves.

What division is SIU?

NCAA Division I Football Championship SubdivisionSouthern Illinois Salukis football / Дивизион

Where is Salukis?

Salukis are one of the earliest dog breeds, dating back to 3600 B.C., and rose to prominence during the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt, when they frequently appeared in ancient Egyptian artwork on tombs. Therein lies the natural tie to Southern Illinois, a region which is frequently referred to as "Little Egypt."

Is Southern Illinois University Carbondale a good school?

Within Illinois, SIUC Offers Average Quality for a Good Price. Southern Illinois University Carbondale is ranked #33 out of #61 in Illinois for quality and #14 out of #52 for Illinois value. This makes it average quality for a good price in the state. Find out if SIUC offers in-state tuition that you may qualify for.

Why is SIU the Salukis?

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