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How do I groom my dog at home like a professional?

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First, Clean Your Dog's Face: Eyes. Use a soft damp cloth to wipe around your dog's eyes. . Ears. Dirt and wax collect in your dog's ears too. . Nose. . Next, Brush Your Dog's Teeth. . Brush Your Dog's Coat. . Trim Your Dog's Coat. . Cut Your Dog's Nails. . Clean, Moisturize, & Protect Your Dog's Paws.

What products do professional dog groomers use?

9 Useful Tools for Professional Groomers of Dogs and CatsBrush. Using the right brush for pets is very important to achieve that tangle-free hair. ... Deshedding Tools. ... Nail Clippers. ... Shampoo. ... Drying Towel. ... Toothpaste and Toothbrush. ... Ear Cleaner. ... Grooming Mat.9 Useful Tools for Professional Groomers of Dogs and Cats

What do professional dog groomers use to wash dogs?

Shampoo. Dog groomers always use shampoo especially formulated for dogs, including those specifically designed to remove odors from the hair and skin. These shampoos go the extra step to eliminate odors with various odor-killing ingredients, while other shampoos simply shield odors for a limited period of time.

How do I groom my dog at home like a professional?

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What tools do I need to groom my dog at home?

Should I take my dog to the groomer or do it myself?

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