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Should you feed your dog before grooming?

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Should I feed my dog before grooming? No, it is not necessary to and mostly advised not to feed your dog the day of and even the night before your grooming appointment. This is because grooming is not a natural thing and is often very stressful for your pet, especially if they're older.

Should I feed my dog before or after grooming?

The first thing that you might think is, “Should I feed my dog before grooming?” Yes, you should feed your dog 2 hours before grooming. But avoid feeding just before your appointment. Often, pets experience a stomach upset and feel nervous while visiting the salon.

Can a dog eat before getting groomed?

If you usually feed your dog in the morning, refrain from doing so the day of their groom. Grooming can be stressful, and being nervous can cause your dog to get the runs or even throw up. Having food in his stomach before getting groomed is not a good idea. Please skip the meal until you take them home.

Should I walk my dog before getting groomed?

Another way is to exercise your dog by taking it for a walk, run, visiting a dog park or doggy daycare before you begin grooming. This will help the dog be more relaxed and calm for grooming making it a much more enjoyable process for the dog. This should turn your dog's behavior around in no time!

Should you feed your dog before grooming?

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Should I feed my dog before or after grooming?

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