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What is a backlog grooming meeting?

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Backlog grooming is a regular session where backlog items are discussed, reviewed, and prioritized by product managers, product owners, and the rest of the team. The primary goal of backlog grooming is to keep the backlog up-to-date and ensure that backlog items are prepared for upcoming sprints.

WHAT IS backlog grooming?

What is backlog grooming? Agile backlog grooming, also commonly referred to as backlog refinement, is the process by which product owners review their team's backlog to ensure that it is up-to-date with the latest items and user stories.

What are the steps of the backlog grooming process?

The Product Backlog Refinement Steps1Step 1: Analyse the Data. ... 2Step 2: Integrate the Learning. ... 3Step 3: Decide what to do Next. ... 4Step 4: Refine the Backlog Items. ... 5Step 5: Get the High-Priority Items Ready.The Product Backlog Refinement Steps - Roman Pichler

What happens in a backlog refinement meeting?

During a product backlog refinement meeting, the team and product owner discuss the top items on the product backlog. The team is given a chance to ask the questions that would normally arise during sprint planning: What should we do if the user enters invalid data here?

What do you do in a backlog grooming session?

Some tasks performed during backlog grooming are:removing user stories that are no longer relevant,reordering the priority of items,adding and correcting estimates, and.splitting user stories to fit the scope of the upcoming Sprint.Backlog Grooming: How to Prepare and Run Refinement Meetings ...

What is a backlog grooming meeting?

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