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What weight should a male working cocker be?

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His average weight is around 15.5-16kg. 12 сент. 2011 г.

How much should a male working Cocker spaniel weight?

The breed standard indicates that the males of the breed are on average between 15.5 and 16 inches (39 and 41 cm) at the withers with the females a little smaller, growing to between 15 and 15.5 inches (38 and 39 cm). Both males and females of the breed weigh approximately 13–14.5 kilograms (29–32 lb).

How much is a Cocker spaniel supposed to weigh?

English Cocker Spaniel is a medium-size dog. Male English cocker dog is16 to 17 inches tall, and their weight varies between 28 to 34 pounds. The female English cocker spaniel is 15 to16 inches tall, and their weight ranges between 26 to 32 pounds.

What is the average size of working Cocker spaniel?

The average Cocker Spaniel has an overall height of 18”-22” (46-56 cm), withers height of 14”-17” (36-43 cm), and body length of 24”-29” (61-74 cm). A typical Cocker Spaniel weighs between 26-35 lb (12-16 kg) and has a lifespan of roughly 12-15 years.

What weight should a male working cocker be?

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