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  • Which fruit has most protein?

Which fruit has most protein?

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Guava. Guava is one of the most protein-rich fruits around. You'll get a whopping 4.2 grams of the stuff in every cup. This tropical fruit is also high in vitamin C and fiber. 21 окт. 2020 г.

What fruit and veg is high in protein?

Protein-rich fruits and vegetables Vegetables with the most protein include broccoli, spinach, asparagus, artichokes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts, which typically contain 4–5 grams of protein per cooked cup ( 69 , 70 , 71 , 72 , 73 , 74 , 75 ).

Is there any fruit that has protein?

Jackfruit (3 grams protein) ... Guava (4 grams protein) ... Avocado (3 grams protein) ... Apricot (2 grams protein) ... Blackberries (2 grams protein) ... Kiwi (2 grams protein) ... Cherries (1.6 grams protein) ... Raisins (1 gram protein)10 High Protein Fruits to Add to Your Diet - PureWow

What are 3 foods that are high in protein?

Good Protein SourcesSeafood.White-Meat Poultry.Milk, Cheese, and Yogurt.Eggs.Beans.Pork Tenderloin.Soy.Lean Beef.Healthy Protein Food Sources - WebMD: Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Pork ...

Is apple high in protein?

Source Of. One serving, or one medium apple, provides about 95 calories, 0 gram fat, 1 gram protein, 25 grams carbohydrate, 19 grams sugar (naturally occurring), and 3 grams fiber.

Which fruit has most protein?

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What foods are high in protein?

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